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Proventus Consulting is a marketing, public relations and business development agency that stands out for its commitment to and specific experience with serving the legal and professional services industry. We are passionate about developing and executing on cost efficient marketing and public relations strategies that drive business development for clients. Our approach is unique not only for our experience and alternative fee structures, but also for the fact that we integrate ourselves with our client teams as a way to improve collaboration and positive outcomes that align with your specific marketing and business development objectives.


Proventus Consulting LLC is committed to developing cost-efficient and effective marketing strategies that make certain its clients are visible and seen as leading in their industry space.

Public Relations

Proventus Consulting LLC works with clients to develop strategies that integrate earned, owned, paid and social media into campaigns that result in stronger brands, increased visibility, demonstrated value and expertise, and community engagement.

Business Development

Proventus Consulting LLC is focused not only on helping its clients put their best foot forward on business development initiatives but also on assisting clients in identifying prospective clients that might be good fits for their business.


Whether our team is acting as the marketing arm of your business or assisting with an individual, time-sensitive project, we are committed to putting our years of experience to work in ways that help you achieve outcomes that result in new business for your firm.

Why Us?

We are committed to client service as well as achieving successful outcomes that drive business development. At Proventus, we partner with clients to develop and execute on cost-efficient and effective marketing strategies that grow visibility and reputation; demonstrate expertise and thought leadership; improve marketing communications; enhance community engagement; strengthen business relationships; and generate new business.

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Proventus Consulting LLC is a marketing, public relations and business development consultancy that serves law firms, accounting agencies and other professional and financial services companies.